Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

First off, thank you to Amazon for a copy of this through Kindle First. Secondly, to all you suspense fans, get yours hands on this ASAP! I read this start to finish (sleeping in between) in less than 48 hours. From the beginning Caine pulls you into the world of Gina, ex-wife of infamous serial killer Melvin Royal (I mean with a name like that…) nonetheless she powers through the pain of living in the wake of his murders. Morphing from Gina to Gwen, we get to see first hand what a bad ass she becomes and how her fierce love for her children shines through till the very end. Now do not get upset that it ends on a cliffhanger. There is another book in the series, Killman Creek, coming out in December! I found this to be a great fast-paced novel from the beginning. I did figure out the whodunit early on, but that not deter me from finishing this great thriller!


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