Lilac Girls Review

First off, I would like to thank Random House Publishing for sending me a free copy of Martha Kelly Hall’s Lilac Girls to review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. Now, to the good part! This is my favorite kind of book: based on a true story set during World War II, heavily researched, and revolved around strong women who faced adversity and persevered. As someone who reads a lot of historical fiction, I was surprised I had never heard of the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, a German concentration camp for women only. It is here we found out about the horrific experiments conducted on the prisoners who were dubbed the “rabbits,” as the name would suggest because they were tested on like lab animals and hopped around the camp afterwards. The uniqueness of Hall’s novel is the character breakdown: we have Caroline, an American do-gooder who sees the war through the eyes of the French consulate she works for, Kasia, a Polish child who is one of the rabbits, and finally, Herta, the German doctor who performs the operations. Spanning over two decades, Hall explores each of these unique characters’ perspective and leaves the reader breathless. I was so engrossed in the story, the time passed in the blink of a tearful eye. I cannot express enough praises for this book that took Hall ten years to write, it is a true masterpiece. It is books like this that make me remember why I love reading so much and why we must never forget the atrocities of the past.

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