Little Fires Everywhere *SPOILERS*

There will be lots of spoilers in my review, so if you haven’t read Celeste Ng’s latest, come back later! First off all, Ng can certainly write. I found the book super readable, I loved all the descriptions, and felt like I was in the midst of the drama. With that being said, I felt like there was so much potential for this to be a reflection on race in America but it was basically a big huge clichĂ© for me. Oh shocking, in a perfect suburban neighborhood a teenager gets pregnant. Oh a very wealthy family adopts an Asian baby away from her birth mother because they can provide it with a better life. Oh an artist has a dark past. Oh not everyone is happy in the idyllic small town. I hope you can pick up on my sarcasm, but I just hated all the characters. The mothers were irresponsible and selfish and the daughters were stereotypical teens making stupid mistakes. I am not sure what the hype surrounding this book is but I will be interested to see how Reese adapts it into a TV series. All that being said, this would be a GREAT book club pick because I feel like there is SO much to discuss.

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